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Not sure what can be recycled in your Concert property? Confused on which bin to use? Our simple and straightforward recycling wizard, available online and through a dedicated app, can help you sort it out.

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Sustainability in Concert

Since 1989, Concert has been active in developing and managing rental communities. Over the years, Concert’s property management team has been initiating and implementing a variety of programs aimed at improving performance of our properties as means of reducing the negative impact of our properties on the world. Concert has long since believed it has a duty to ensure that sustainability is kept top of mind as one of the most important considerations. The three pillars of sustainability – economic, environmental and social – are echoed in Concert’s core values of building strong and vibrant communities for the long term through honesty, integrity and superior customer service.

As sustainability has become top of mind, Concert has not only maintained but strengthened its commitment to making a difference. Click here for more information on Concert’s sustainability initiatives.